Jumat, 30 April 2010

Grease : the best vintage movie ever!!!

Yaay!! the chorus, dances and practically everything is just SO GREAT!! LOVE IT SOO MUCH:)

Rabu, 28 April 2010

this is the book i told 'ya, hows it?

the kane chronicles : the red pyramid

okay, there's this new book 'series' i guess.. the title is the kane chronicles, the red pyramid. it is just SO COOL i cant deny... absolutely similar to PERCY JACKSON,, it tells about historian siblings, i guess. .and its JUST SO (ABSOLUTELY) SUPER DUPER MEGA ULTRA COOL!!!! it will be released in may and I AM SOOO EXCITED!! so quirky!! okay, enough:)

Sabtu, 24 April 2010

how i end up this vintage

first, i am so addicted to the eightees style and pop culture, and very influenced with ninetees era because of their style, too. Actually, my vintage addiction is because of seeing mj's thriller video and directly fell in love with his red leather motorcycle jacket and his hairstyle. Then, i also fell in love with docmarts after seeing someone wearing it recently in 2009. After all, vintage books also inspires me like, famous five, art books, etc.

Thats it, now im like the most old-fashioned person in my family:) I end up extra- vintage now!!

Jumat, 23 April 2010

Glitterfy.com - Glitter Graphics

a normal weekend

yeah, as usual, during the weekends i would chill out there with my family in a boring family reunion (or lame parties) where i am forced to "JOIN THE FUN".. you know, i just slipped up my dopest clothes and slipped on pantofles where people sing and prayed stupidly, barely praying for NOTHING!! after all those fun, i slipped on my reeboks and had fun all alone at the park playing with kiddoes next door where hide n seek is the only game they've ever known, barely lost (or 'gaptek'..haha:))

after those extravagant mess, i hid up and lock myself in my damn room reading percy jackson through the nite and fell asleep under the balinese sarong:) lol:)

Kamis, 22 April 2010

I'll tell you a bit about where i live :

"Grew up in a town,
That is famous as a place of movie scenes
Noise is always loud
There are sirenes all around
And the streets are mean
If I could make it here
I could make it anywhere
That’s what they say
Seeing my face in lights"

I live in a place so hectic but it isn't as cool as :


That's it, I LIVE IN JAKARTA, AND IM PROUD OF IT, *in the name of nationalism-___-

Kamis, 15 April 2010

dedicated for C***L !!! ILYSM!!

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
watch you smile while you're sleeping
while you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
i could stay lost in this moment, forever
every moment I spent with you
is a moment i treasure
I dont wanna close my eyes
I dont wanna fall a sleep
cause i miss you,C
and i dont wanna miss a thing
even when i dream of you
the sweetest dream will never do
i still miss you,C
and i dont wanna miss a thing



Senin, 12 April 2010

what im craving for NOW

okay, now, im craving for the 4th percy jackson series 'the battle of the labyrinth' and the michael jackson limited edition tshirt of this is it. Okay, all the things im craving for aren't given yet but whoaa, mum bought me the percy jackson one!! Daang!!! im so mesmerized;) thx mum, ur the best:) Though that LE tshirt are on sale in ebay, ill try to control my 'mj shopping' mode(haha) til' i got my cash !!

wise words of the month:)

can i get success?
When dad says "take a look around, you will get 7 ways to success :')"

When roof says "aim high"
I say "no way, i'm short"

when fan says "be cool"
i say "no way, i'm hyperbolic"

when clock says "every minute is precious"
i say "no way, i'm lazy and slow hhh"

when mirror says "reflect before you act"
i say "no way, i like to mock and act weird"

when window says "see the world"
i say "no way, my eyes are only for fun things"

when calendar says "be up to date"
i say "no way, i like vintage"

when door says "push hard to achieve your goals"
i say "no way, i am weak"

when i reply so, my mom says "ini anak ngeyel banget, udahlah ikutin aja"
i say "hhhhhhhhh `~.~' "

Sabtu, 10 April 2010

damn right, he brings huge changes to mother earth, long live the king~:)he gave us his passion to music and his message to the world is simply mesmerizing:-) he shortly stated that this world is dying and we really should keep it in our hand 8) though he is now in the eternal let us just hope that all his messages (read:love) will keep bringing improvements to the whole world, lbnl, he is not only the greatest entertainer of all time but he is also the most generous human being throughout the history. Thx...~cheers~

this is SO TRUE - long live the king:))

my dream camera - CANON EOS 7D :)

feeling love as a riddle

this may sound a bit too optimistic or even sarcastic:) gosh, i am so in the middle, no one would help me and this riddle wouldn't have any solution though it is very mesmerizing :)) wonder why is this happening and keep on getting worse, lbnl, i would've stop living and laughing if im not loving, right??~ think about it... ~cheers~

Jumat, 09 April 2010


last night i dreamed about being in a place full of lollipops(?)~ but all those lollipops are shaped to like... people, actresses, cars, and even coffee shops (weird). But then, it comes to a part where there's a 'hollywood' kind of hill but it is written 'lollywood' and i realized that i found that term in a lame (and dope) magazine back in the daytime:) Wow, and those people says weird languages a mixture of hindi, french, spanish and african. Okay got no more time. Live .love. laugh. ~cheers always~


why is my life so weird ?? its just full of merry-go-rounds about math, physics, and other blah blah blahs... okay, i got no time for fun, like playing(?), chatting or even twittering..!! Too much restrictions, i guess. but that's okay, that merry-go-round will one day comes to an end, but it will bring me to DOOM !!! Enough for now, though, i'll keep living, loving and laughing through my life :)~cheers~