Senin, 12 April 2010

wise words of the month:)

can i get success?
When dad says "take a look around, you will get 7 ways to success :')"

When roof says "aim high"
I say "no way, i'm short"

when fan says "be cool"
i say "no way, i'm hyperbolic"

when clock says "every minute is precious"
i say "no way, i'm lazy and slow hhh"

when mirror says "reflect before you act"
i say "no way, i like to mock and act weird"

when window says "see the world"
i say "no way, my eyes are only for fun things"

when calendar says "be up to date"
i say "no way, i like vintage"

when door says "push hard to achieve your goals"
i say "no way, i am weak"

when i reply so, my mom says "ini anak ngeyel banget, udahlah ikutin aja"
i say "hhhhhhhhh `~.~' "

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